Welcome to the official Visually Innovative Computing website!

Visually Innovative Computing is a company founded by Joshua LaRue on February 5, 2017. We specialize in working with embedded Linux boards, like the $9 CHIP computer, and the $16 CHIP Pro. (more info about CHIP and CHIP Pro here).

What is Visually Innovative Computing doing right now?

Visually Innovative Computing is currently creating a smart cooking/housework assistant called HomeBot with CHIP Pro. More info:

Homebot is a relatively cheap AI robot that gives you instructions on how to cook, converts measurements, sends texts, and gives reminders about anything you want it to. It is powered by CHIP Pro, a $16 computer. CHIP Pro is an SBC made by Next Thing Co. It is all open source, and so is the software that we will be using and changing/adapting. HomeBot will have an LED matrix to show emotions, numbers, words, etc.

HomeBot allows you to not have to turn around and look at the cookbook every 10 seconds. It is totally hands free. Also, it will allow you to text others while you are cooking without getting your phone dirty.

Who works at Visually Innovative Computing?

Currently, there are three staff members, Josh LaRue, who founded Visually Innovative Computing, Mackenzie Peters, our design assistant, and Keaton Littlefair, who is head of research and marketing/advertising manager.

What does Visually Innovative Computing sell?

Currently Visually Innovative Computing has no products available for sale right now, but we will be selling HomeBot prototypes when that project is successful. If you have interest in buying an early bird prototype, contact us here. But please understand that the prototypes will not be available until sometime June.

Stable HomeBot OS releases

Unstable HomeBot OS releases